Testing your Answer Engine before setting live

Written by Chata Marketing
Updated 1 year ago

Rigorously test, evaluate, and optimize your Answer Engine in AutoAE’s feature-rich testing environment.

  1. Navigate to “Manage” in the left-hand navigation and select the project that you’d like to test. Once you’re Q&A content is displayed, select the “Update & Test” button in the top right corner. AutoAE’s system will begin training your model. This step can take up to 20 mins.

  2. Once your model is trained, select the “Test” option in the left-hand navigation. Select the project name in the drop down at the top and start verifying that correct answers are being returned. 
  3. While working in the testing environment, you can check sources and CTA buttons, provide feedback on answer, and make recommendations for alternative answers if incorrect or missing information is displayed.
  4. Once you’re finished testing your model, still within the testing environment, hit the “Publish” button in the top right corner to push your model to the live environment.
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