Creating CTAs for visitor engagement

Written by Chata Marketing
Updated 1 year ago

Provide visitors with customized CTAs to boost interaction and conversion.

  1. Select the “Manage” menu topic in the left navigation.
  2. Click on the “Calls to Action” header.
  3. Select the “+ CTA” button to create and customize your new CTA.

  4. Start with the design of the CTA, customize the colour, text, size, and animations.
  5. Next, you’ll add in the destination URL and internal name of the CTA.
  6. Review your CTA before saving.
  7. Assign CTAs to Q&A pairs by selecting the clipboard icon in the right hand column of the CTA.

  8. Toggle on/off the Q&A pairs that you want your CTA to accompany and hit “Save”.

45 second overview on creating CTAs:

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